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South Korea Mission

Steve and Melanie McVey have visited Korea several times, where they have partnered together with Natural Church Development in reaching Asia with the grace walk message. Grace Walk and A Divine Invitation have both been published in Korean and have been widely received there. Another book was published in Korean, taken from Steve’s teaching from Galatians.

I trained 35,000 Korean pastors in the last 5 years in Korea. NCD Korea researched the health of more than 1,000 churches through the NCD survey and found that passionate spirituality is the minimum factor for the local church here. I was very confused about our findings. I thought that the Korean church is known for its prayers and spirituality worldwide. As NCD Korea researched more deeply, we found the cause of the problem of low spirituality is lack of experiencing grace.Another problem is the Korean church is suffering from religious legalism.

Meeting Grace Walk Ministries is the answer to my prayers and has become the hope of the Korean church. Steve McVey came to Korea 3 times already and his book has become a best-seller in Korea now. His life and message not only transformed my marriage and ministry but became a hope for many churches in Asia.

I knew how to preach the grace message before, like any other pastor. However, now I LIVE by it every day in my personal life and ministry after I experienced Grace Walk Ministries. Before, I was never sure whether or not I did very many wonderful things for God, but I understand now that it was my God who did many wonderful things through me for others.

I am really excited about knowing and living only by God’s grace every day.I have to give thanks to God for Grace Walk Ministries and that Steve McVey opened my life and ministry to live by a totally new grace that I never knew before.

It is my joy and honor to recommend Grace Walk Ministries; not only by their fruits in Korea but also their commitment to missions throughout Asia. I will do my best to bring Grace Walk Ministries to Korea and to the countries where NCD reaches.”

Paul Jeong :: President, NCD Korea & In Touch Ministry Korea

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