Strangers Sent From God

Strangers Sent From God

There will never be a time when Christians are in a hopeless situation. Circumstances may look bleak, but our sovereign Father can change our situation in a split second. Maybe you face a problem for which you believe there is no answer. Don’t lose heart. In reality, there are limitless solutions to the dilemma you face.

We tend to look for answers to come through the natural means we can understand, but the answer may not come from there. Our heavenly Father has all the answers because He is The Answer. We consider every possible scenario we can conceive of and conclude that none of them are viable answers. God, on the other hand, knows of options we can’t even imagine. He is able to do “far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).

Your situation may seem hopeless, but your Father can even send strangers to help you. People you have never even met can suddenly come into your life and, in an instant, everything can change. Don’t give up! Help is on the way!

Go through your day expecting God to give you favor with others. You stand in a grace-place that will cause others to want to help you. They may not even fully understand why they are helping. All they might know is that they like you and want to be a help. They will “pasture your flocks,” and “be your farmers and your vinedressers” because God has given you favor with them.

Don’t go through life murmuring, “Nothing ever seems to work out for me. Everybody else always gets the breaks.” Change your attitude. Reject negative, fatalistic thoughts and begin to realize that just around the next corner may be the person who God uses to change your circumstances. Don’t stop believing. Wait with eager anticipation. A dear friend you haven’t met yet can come into your life at any moment. Great blessings lie straight ahead.

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