Grasshoppers or Grace?

Are you a slower learner? I am. It sometimes seems to me like the Lord has to teach me the same lesson over and over again. I'll think I've "got it," then a situation will come along that shows me that I'm still in spiritual kindergarten in some ways. One area where I...

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It’s All Him

Have you ever noticed our tendency to push ourselves into the starring role of the stories told in the Bible? For instance, consider the story of "the good Samaritan." Most sermons I've ever heard about that text makes the main application be that "we shouldn't be...

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God’s Ways are Not our Ways

"Why is this happening to me?" the young man asked me after describing a crisis he was facing. "I've tried to be faithful in serving God. He knows what this means to me. Why would he let this happen?" Questions that begin with "why" are common when problems come into...

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Don’t Touch the Cactus

The cacti were covered with flowers, a sight not often seen by five year old boy from the south. "Don't touch the cactus," his mother told him as he reached out to pick the flower. "It will hurt you," she went on to explain. But as often happens with small children,...

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Lord Teach us To Play

In Luke 11, the disciples asked Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray." It's a good request from a believer and one that many modern Christians have asked. However, I think there is another prayer that believers in the modern church might do well to ask too. It is that our...

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Call Me Doctor

"Nobody" calls our pastor by his first name, the church secretary said to the mayor of the town in which the church was located. "His name is Doctor . . ." she added. This secretary's pastor proudly shared this story with other pastors in a meeting I once attended. He...

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Change Your Underwear

God plainly told Moses - "Here's the kind of underwear that must be worn. Anything else and the penalty is death." In Exodus 28:42-43, He spoke to Moses about the garments of the high priests saying, You shall make for them linen breeches to cover their bare flesh;...

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Faithless Thinking

Faithless thinking doesn't really exist because there is no such thing as an absolute absence of belief in life. Put any of us in any situation and we will begin to draw conclusions about our circumstances based on what we see. We will evaluate our situation and...

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