Strangers Sent From God

There will never be a time when Christians are in a hopeless situation. Circumstances may look bleak, but our sovereign Father can change our situation in a split second. Maybe you face a problem for which you believe there is no answer.

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Recognizing Your Father’s Voice

For the first five years of my married life, my parents lived outside the United States. I knew the date they were to return home and looked forward to that day with great anticipation. I missed them and couldn't wait to see them. One day, months before the time when...

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When Belief is Really Doubt

"I haven't seen God answer my prayer yet, but I'm still believing Him for the answer." I often hear this statement made as I minister in churches. I understand the expression and have even made it myself at times. There are times we do patiently wait for the Lord to...

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How to Stay Happily Married

Lord, send me a good looking girlfriend." This was my constant prayer. Forget the war in Vietnam, racial tensions at home, or a hotel called Watergate. When I was sixteen years old, those things paled to insignificance compared to my desire for a girlfriend. My prayer...

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Archie Bunker and God

In the popular 1970's television series, All In The Family, there was an episode where Archie Bunker discovered he had accidentally locked himself in his basement on a cold winter morning. His family members were all gone for the day and the only thing Archie could...

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Living By Christian Values

There is a great deal of discussion and debate today about "Christian values". The term is used to describe the spiritual/moral principles around which believers build their life. On the surface it would seem that defending Christian values is a noble cause.Yet the...

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Golfing in Grace

Other men often ask me if I play golf. I'm never quite sure about how to answer that question. Can one really be said to play golf if he consistently shoots one hundred, and doesn't even count his bad shots? Is it still considered playing golf if you need to take a...

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The Sea of Forgetfulness

Imagine standing on the top deck of a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean. It is night, but the moon is bright so that you can see the water. As you look around the horizon, you can see nothing but water in every direction. You reach into your pocket and pull...

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