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Grace Talk – 10

How do I reconcile the fact that the Bible teaches not to love the world or the things in the world with my appreciation of movies, music, etc? What is legalistic preaching? What is the unpardonable sin? Can legalism cause depression or even mental sickness?

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Grace Talk – 8

How do we understand what Paul wrote in 2 Tim 2:12 about God denying us if we deny Him? How do we handle it when we have a rotten day and are acting out of our flesh? Could Adam & Even have eaten from The Tree of Life before the fall? What is our inheritance as...

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Grace Talk – 7

In this segment of Grace Talk, Steve McVey answers these questions: What did Jesus mean when he talked about a man being delivered from demons and then 7 more returned so that the man was even worse? Will you explain how we are to understand 1 John 1:9? Will you tell...

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Grace Talk – 6

Is the term “natural spirit” synonymous with “sin nature?” What did Jesus mean in Matthew 7 about some who say, “Lord, Lord” not going to heaven? As a staff person in church, how do I approach my pastor about the message of grace? How do we approach evangelism under...

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Grace Talk – 5

How do I relate to my children who act irresponsibly if grace means that we don’t tell people to do their best and try to do better? Is it judgmental to confront somebody when they do us wrong, such a lying, stealing or committing adultery against us?

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To submit your questions, email Steve McVey at and put GRACE TALK in your subject line.