Being Broken From the Need to Control

Being Broken From the Need to Control

Are you sometimes confused by your circumstances? Have you ever been emotionally depleted by things that have happened with your finances, parents, children, even your ministry? Have you ever felt like life is beating you down? Have you doubted God? You didn’t want to doubt, but you did anyway.

When we feel like this (and we all do at times), just trust your Father. Even when you don’t understand, trust Him. As you grow in your knowledge of your loving Abba, you will learn to accept events as they unfold. He is the Great Sovereign over the details of your life and will perform on your behalf, and for His own glory, all the things He has planned for you. Our impatience and frustration is born of our immaturity, but it is through those very trials we protest that God’s Spirit will bring us into a greater maturity.

God will accomplish His goals for your life. Your only responsibility is to trust in His goodness and His wisdom. The destination which you will reach is not your concern. Your role is cling to Him as the journey unfolds. His role is to ensure that you reach His intended destination. You bring trouble upon yourself when you confuse the two roles.

Relax, and enjoy your journey. Rest in your Father’s sovereignty. Your life is an adventure, planned and performed by Him. We grow weary when we try to do what He alone can do. It is through our trials that He will lift our controlling need to be in charge. We must see that we are not in charge, but God alone determines and controls the unfolding of our destiny. Control is an arena for which we are not suited. Our Father, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for that role.

So let go. Lay down your life for His sake and you will find it. Cling to your own life and you will lose it. Zoe (an authentic, abundant life) is yours. Don’t forfeit it for bios (biological life, mundane existence). If that is your deep desire, join in heartfelt agreement with this prayer:

Father, move in me and through me to lay down my agenda and my control and trust You alone. Thank you that You will complete the work you have begun in me. I yield my circumstances to You and ask You to teach me to trust You more through all of it. Bring me to maturity, according to Your plan.

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