Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Do you tend to be hard on yourself? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that you wish you were more like somebody else? Are you critical of your own thoughts and interests?

Relax and know this for certain: Your Father guides you through your thoughts, your desires, your interests. We may tend to judge ourselves through the grid of our emotions and from the perspective of where we think we ought to be. But, in reality, our Father is always at work in us, working to complete what He has begun. (Philippians 1:6)

Through the unique way that He has created and programmed our personality and style of living, He guides us forward. He teaches us in ways that are conducive with who we are as a person. Your personality isn’t a deterrent to God working in your life. Far from it, it is a part of how He works, guiding you a step at a time.

Don’t judge yourself and conclude that you should be wired differently than you are. Your Heavenly Father is responsible for that. He has shaped you, remember that. The way you think, the way you approach life – submit those to Him and that will become ground where He can work. He will work through your interests to accomplish His purpose for you. Just trust Him.

If you stray from His intended path, He is able to guide you like a shepherd directs his sheep. He will lead you like a loving father directs his child. The child may be allowed to play, even to become distracted along the way, but it presents no problem to the father. He allows it, knowing that, in the end, he will still lead the child to the place where he wants him to be. If time becomes an issue, the father can intervene at any moment to ensure that his plan is carried out on time.

Live each day, one day at a time. Enjoy this day. Embrace the present and see the wonder of God’s blessings in each hour. Live with a childlike innocence with no fears or concerns about tomorrow. Tomorrow’s opportunities will be there when you arrive. Today is the time to enjoy what your Father does in this hour.

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