In the House of Lords

In the House of Lords

During our recent ministry trip to England, Melanie and I had the opportunity to receive a private tour of the House of Parliament. We were thrilled to see private rooms not open to the public. It was a real privilege that we won’t forget.
One highlight of our visit to the House of Parliament was an opportunity given to us to sit in the House of Lords while they debated legislation. As we walked toward it, we went down what our guide called “the corridor of power.” We even saw the Lord Chancellor, complete with white wig, walking down the corridor on his way to the House of Lords in a procession of pomp and pageantry.

As we moved through the hallway, our guide pointed out something that I found fascinating. It was a spiritual truth built right into the architecture of that beautiful old building.

I was commenting on the beautiful, centuries old, art which hung on the walls when she commented, “Everybody notices the paintings and the busts of distinguished British leaders from our past which line the corridors. But look higher and see what is above.”

As we looked upward toward the high ceiling, I noticed intricate carvings and paintings hanging high, far above eye level. There, above the busts of England’s great leaders, were paintings of Christ as well as other intricate artwork reflecting the Christian’s faith. It was beautiful.

“Those are there as a reminder to us all that while human beings lead our country, God is the real Sovereign who is in charge of it all,” she noted. “People often only see what is at eye level, but above that is the evidence of the real Authority.”

“People only see what is at eye level, but above that is the evidence of the real Authority.” Those words bounced around in my mind the rest of the day.

In a world threatened by S.A.R.S. and A.I.D.S., by Al-Qaida and Bin Laden; in a place characterized by collapsing economies and inflating costs – we need to all “look higher and see what it above.” It is easy to become preoccupied with all the things that are at eye level, but the Christian has the opportunity to see the evidence of the real Authority by lifting our eyes toward our Heavenly Father, who alone controls our destiny.

Exiled on Patmos, John looked up and “saw a throne in heaven and One was sitting on it.” That One is your Abba. He is the omnipotent Father who always has your best interest at heart. He sits in The House Of Lords of the Universe and is, in fact, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Has your attention become fixed on the things that are at eye level? Try the upward look. The clouds in your life are the dust beneath His feet. (See Nahum 1:3) You don’t have to worry about what will happen tomorrow. The real Authority over all your tomorrows and has everything under His control. He is the real Sovereign who is in charge of it all.

Simply pray and yield yourself and everything associated with your life to Him. He will attend to every detail related to you. Among those in any House of Lords, there is no higher Lord.

The Lord of Lords loves you. So keep your eyes on Him and don’t worry about anything.

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