A Job Well Done

A Job Well Done

What is your normal response when you complete a task? Do you look at it and find pleasure in the finished product? Or do you immediately notice all the ways, sometimes small, almost indistinguishable ways, that you could have done a better job? Your answer may say something about a perspective related to your faith.

When God created the heavens and the earth, the Bible says that He saw all that He had made, and saw that it was very good. (See Genesis 1:31) After working on creation for six days, God rested on the seventh. He didn’t rest because He was tired. God is omnipotent and never tires in the least. He rested because he was satisfied. The work was finished. His rest was one of fulfillment. It was the abiding peace of a job well done.

Some people struggle with this idea of finding fulfillment in a job well done for several reasons. Perfectionists seldom find a sense of satisfaction in what they do. They nitpick themselves to pieces. The reason is often related to an underlying sense of inadequacy that says, “I must do everything perfect to be okay.” It’s ironic that some people say, “I’m a perfectionist,” almost as if they’re bragging about it. Praying about it would make more sense. Perfectionism is not a virtue. It’s an expression of the flesh which ministers constant condemnation to those enslaved by it.

Other people can’t recognize a job well done because of a false sense of humility. Tell them they did well and they’ll dismiss your remark. They’ll point out how they could have, should have, would have done better if things were different. False humility is, ironically, a form of pride. It is prideful because it causes a person to always focus on himself and never be able to celebrate a finished task with a sense of accomplishment.

God saw what He had done and said “it is good.” Some may argue, “But I’m not God!” That’s true, but it is God who is always at work in you to “will and to do His good pleasure.” (See Philippians 2:13) The indwelling Christ is living and working through you – whether you’re preaching a sermon, planting a flower garden, or cleaning out your garage. There is no “secular” activity when Christ lives through you. He sanctifies your actions and makes all things sacred.

To recognize and appreciate that you’ve done a good job is to be able to affirm that Christ is the source of your life and that He expresses Himself in the details of your lifestyle. Learn to celebrate a finished task and appreciate the value of what you’ve done. When you’ve done something good, see it as good!

This response will do two things: It will honor the One who has deposited within you the ability you possess and it will help you cultivate a more positive attitude about yourself and what you do. Your Father is proud of you, so don’t insult Him by putting yourself or what you’ve done down. Rest in the fulfilment of a job well done and renew your mind. This act will deepen your sense of peace and will bring glory to your Father.

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