Just Play

Just Play

Unless you are converted and become like a little child, you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven. That’s what Jesus said. (See Matthew 18:3) If you were asked, “What is the main activity of a child?” what would you say? You would probably answer, “To play.” A playful attitude may be the most spiritual attitude a Christian can have. What better way to show our absolute trust in a sovereign Father who tends to every detail of our lives? Just play. What an act of faith that would be!

How will you play if you insist on taking responsibilities beyond that of a child? A child’s only role is to enjoy the moment. A child never worries about the future. He only embraces the joys that are before him, however simple, however short lived. He has no elaborate plans. He has no need to control the flow of events. He adapts to any circumstance where he may find himself and turns it into a game. He just plays.

The world is a playground for a child. While others hurry around with urgent tasks which drain them of their zest for living, a child just lives. He takes no thought of the things that worry the adult world. He intrinsically knows that, in the end, matters take care of themselves.

“What about responsibility?” you may ask. I assume you know I’m not advocating abandoning responsibility. Of course you’ll balance this encouragement to play with common sense. I’m not worried that most adults will carry this encouragement to play to the extreme. Far from it, the opposite tends to be the case in the adult world.

So relax and play. Your Father has given you the privilege of living as a child – His child. Learn to adapt the mind of a child, the flow of a child’s rhythm for living, the trust of a child’s heart and the eagerness of a child’s attitude. Learn to see Him in every situation and then relax. He has all the details already prepared and they are being worked out for your good and His glory at this very moment.

Joyfully embrace every day and live with the certainty that your Father’s heart is set on you and on the purpose of thrilling you with His love. Let Him love the bondage of adulthood from your heart until it is filled only with a childlike attitude that trusts Him and embraces the world with enthusiasm.

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