Lets do Less for God

Lets do Less for God

Let’s do less for God. I believe we would be much more content and He would be pleased by our making that decision. Before you call me a heretic, consider this fact: God never asks us to do anything for Him. He doesn’t need us to do anything for Him. The Bible says that “He is not served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives life and breath to all things” (Acts 17:25) God doesn’t need anything. And even if He did, He wouldn’t let us know about it. “If I were hungry, I wouldn’t tell you,” He says in Psalms 50:12. Our call as believers isn’t to do something for God, but rather is a call to God Himself.
The essence of the Christian life isn’t doing things for Him. It’s all about knowing Him. Jesus defined the meaning of salvation when He prayed to His Father, “This is eternal life, that they many know You and the One whom You have sent” (John 17:3). Christianity is knowing Him. We are called to be the bride of Christ, not His maid.

Does this mean that Christian service is somehow unimportant? Of course not! However, service is to be the overflow of the intimate relationship we enjoy with Him. It comes naturally (or more accurately, supernaturally ) for us to serve Christ when we love Him. The early disciples didn’t evangelize for God. They said, “We cannot [help] but speak the things we have seen and heard” (Acts 4″20). Service is to the life of one who is in love with Jesus as planting is to a farmer or sailing is to a sailor. The activity flows from our identity.

We aren’t to do things for God. We are to rest in Him and allow Him to do it Himself through us. “Faithful is He who calls you, who will also do it ” says the Bible. Dead religion demands that we do more. Grace calls us to rest in His life and love and trust Him to do through us whatever He wants. We are simply the vessel through which He operates. Let’s do less for God and watch Him do more through us.a

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